Verde, by partnering with its proven technology suppliers, has developed truly unique solutions to help meet the world’s ever-increasing demand for Sustainable liquid fuels and Renewable Electricity.

These solutions utilise the direct conversion of biomass through thermal gasification (or reforming on a wet basis) and then a catalytic reaction into Diesel, Jet A1, Gasoline, Naptha and potentially other liquid fuel and gaseous products that can be selected by design. Green Hydrogen is also produced in the process and can be captured and piped for industrial and commercial applications.

These systems as with other Verde systems are modular, “rapidly built” (at the to be acquired Verde engineering facility in Thailand) and “rapidly deployable” robust production units that can tolerate the harshness of the remotest locations. They are fully self-sufficient and only require the operational labour and biomass to run. They are site and fuel source independent meaning they can be mobile (if small) or located where the fuel is actually needed, thus minimizing transportation risk, cost and time.

Sustainable Energy & Bio-based Fuels

Sustainable Diesel

Verde's Sustainable diesel is a "drop-in" fuel that can be used directly in diesel engines or blended with easily with Petroleum based diesel to improve its specifications. Verde's diesel is fully sustainable and comes from biomass that is either specifically grown or waste agricultural residues and by-products.

Sustainable Jet A1

Verde's Sustainable Jet A1 is a "drop-in" fuel that can be used directly in Turbine engines or blended with easily with Petroleum based Jet A1 to improve its specifications. Verde's Jet A1 is fully sustainable and comes from biomass that is either specifically grown or waste agricultural residues and by-products.

Sustainable Gasoline

Verde's Sustainable Gasoline is a "drop-in" fuel that can be used directly in gasoline engines (product can be made to suit 91, 95 and other specifications) or blended with easily with Petroleum based gasoline to improve its specifications. Verde's Gasoline is fully sustainable and comes from biomass that is either specifically grown or waste agricultural residues and by-products.

Green Hydrogen

Verde's Green Hydrogen is produced in a much more efficient and cost-effective manner than traditional electrolysis applications or methane reforming. Verde utilises waste heat from its operations as the pathway for efficient and cost-effective Green Hydrogen production and steam as the hydrogen source for conversion. Hydrogen can be stored on-site, piped, connected to grid or liquified and transported. The plants can be put into multiple locations, which can be either in built up areas or equally in remote locations as all requirements from energy come from the biomass we use.

Green Ammonia

Verde's Green Ammonia is produced in a much more efficient and cost-effective manner than other Green Ammonia Systems. The base technology for Ammonia production is commercial, well-established technologies, however Verde's unique Green Hydrogen production methodologies allow for the manufacturing of cost effective, high quality Green Ammonia.

Sustainable Naptha

Verde's Sustainable Naptha is a by-product of our Sustainable Diesel refining process. It can either be re-utilised back in the Verde Bio-Refineries or piped to storage for sale.

Green Methanol

Verde's Green Methanol uses traditional methanol refining processes, however the syngas to supply to production project is generated from biomass, creating a Green "Rapidly Renewable" production loop. This also allows Verde to establish facilities in locations that other producers cannot operate in, due to the lack of natural gas. This opens the opportunity to create more plants in better locations for supply and refueling operations.

Green Synthesis Gas

Verde's Synthesis Gas is the basis or raw material from which all other fuel production is made. The syngas is generated from the gasifiaction of biomass. The biomass Verde either grows on its farming operations using high yeilding " rapidly Renewable" crop or by utilising other biomass waste sources such as crop residues sawdust and the like. The Verde Syngas is a clean (very low tar and particulate) matter gas which is then filtered for use in "downstream" applications.

Green Ethylene

Verde's Green Ethylene uses a similar process to its diesel production process, however it is a "Gas to Gas" process where the Verde Green Syngas is used to produce the ethylene via select proprietary catalysts. Again, the raw material to make the ethylene is waste biomass.

Other Green Organic Chemicals & Gases

Verde's production processes allow for the production or various different Organic chemicals, polymers and gases. Please contact us directly to discuss your needs.

Verde Tech Integrated Bio- Fuel & Energy Process

"Rapidly Renewable" crops or agricultural waste are utilised for raw materials for refining.
The biomass is gasified & converted from a gas into liquid fuels & electricity.

By-Products are biochar, water which, and waste heat which are reused in other process & put back into the land for new crop generation and soil enhancement.


Significant social, environmental& economic benefits are seen in the locations where Verde Bio-refineries are established.

Through the utilisation of wastes and other natural materials, economic and energy security advancement can be achieved by working with us.

Regional Positive Impact.

The local communities where the plants get built and installed, benefit from the significant contribution to the local economy through the employment, services, skills training and large-scale biomass production and purchases.

Aside from this National and Regional Energy Security is a major concern for many Jurisdictions. What the Verde Bio-Synthetic Fuel & Gas facilities allow is greater National Energy Security. The plants also help countries work towards achieving their UN Sustainable Climate Goals.

Utilisation of waste and under-utilised natual resources and agricultural residues.

The facilities Verde makes utilise local resources such as Biomass, Waste Agricultural Residue and even Municipal Solid Wastes, which are then converted into energy products. These fuels are "Drop-In" Fuels and can be blended directly into petro-fuel stocks. In many cases they can also be used to upgrade existing fuel products as the diesel Verde makes, for example., has 90% less particulate matter when burnt, no SOx and 30% less NOx.

Supplementing National Energy reserves with Verde Sustainable Fuels and Gases, which are cost effective, reduces the need to rely on imported products, increases domestic GDP, creates labour, converts previous waste products into valuable fuel and gas reserves.

Contact us for further details and the opportunity to partner with or install a facility in your location.


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