Verde, by partnering with its proven technology suppliers, has developed truly unique solutions to help meet the world’s ever-increasing demand for Sustainable liquid fuels and Renewable Electricity.

These solutions utilise the direct conversion of biomass through thermal gasification (or reforming on a wet basis) and then a catalytic reaction into Diesel, Jet A1, Gasoline, Naptha and potentially other liquid fuel and gaseous products that can be selected by design. Green Hydrogen is also produced in the process and can be captured and piped for industrial and commercial applications.

These systems as with other Verde systems are modular, “rapidly built” (at the to be acquired Verde engineering facility in Thailand) and “rapidly deployable” robust production units that can tolerate the harshness of the remotest locations. They are fully self-sufficient and only require the operational labour and biomass to run. They are site and fuel source independent meaning they can be mobile (if small) or located where the fuel is actually needed, thus minimising transportation risk, cost and time.

Biomass-to-Energy plant serving industrial estates in Thailand: