Industrial Materials

(1) Sustainable Building Products

Verde’s Industrial Material Products are developed from our rapidly renewable and sustainable biomass operations. The kenaf crop is utilised as the raw material to make these products do to its unique and high suitable properties.

Verde EnviroSafe K6 Insulation and Verde EnviroSafe K6 Fibre Board represents the very latest in genuine environmentally sustainable insulation. Verde EnviroSafe K6 offers the construction industry an innovative natural insulation alternative with properties that are not available from similarly priced or more expensive high tech products.


Verde’s EnviroSafe K6 has higher R values by thickness of material than conventional insulation. In addition to this, our insulation is resistant to fire, up to 1300 degrees C, has excellent sound dampening qualities, is mold, moisture and vermin proof and is easy to handle with no itchiness or toxicity issues.


It is for the above reasons, combined with being cost competitive and a true environmental story that few products can match, that has created the overwhelming interest from major companies located throughout Asia and the Pacific Rim.

The superior features of the Verde building products:

  1. Much lighter in weight with greater strength; non-toxic; made from rapidly renewable materials;
  2. Non-flammable; Earth-quake proof – the products are strong and can flex; sound and thermal insulation capabilities at specific densities that are superior to glass and Rockwool products.
  3. No Heatlh Issues with the products, unlike glass fibres and rockwool.

Verde Building Products

  1. K6 Thermal Insulation - 25-200MM
  2. K6 Sound Insulation
  3. K6 Kenaf Fibre Board - 4mm-20mm Thickness
  4. Kenaf Thermal Core Board - Thermal and Wall/Ceiling applications. 10-200mm Thickness


Insulation and Board products come standard as flame proof (non-toxic) and mould resistant to meet National Standard requirements for these building material applications. In many cases the products can be incorporated into the "Green/Sustainable Building" certifications such as LEED due to the properties and sustainability of the materials grown and used in Verde EnviroSafe Products.

Verde Envirosafe T50-250 Fibre-Board

Natural Thermal Insulation from 50mm -250mm thick.

Made from Natural Kenaf Fibres.

Verde Kenaf fibres are natural fibres that are grown with organic farming practices on Verde's farming operations in Thailand and Malaysia. They are unique, highly thermally resistant materials and take little energy to produce unlike synthetic fibres, thereby ensuring long term environmental and climatic benefits.

Flame Proof & Mould Resistant.

Verde uses non-toxic flame retardants and mould inhibitors to ensure long lasting, safe installation of your Envirosafe Insulation. The flame treatment enables the Verde insulation to act as a flame blanket in the event of a fibre thereby protecting the building and people from flame spread where it is installed.

No Irritation & Safe for the Skin.

Unlike glass fibre and rockwool, Verde fibres are naturally occurring organic fibres. They do not irritate the skin. They are soft and similar to textile materials used in clothing and other bedding applications.

Light Weight, Flexible & Strong.

Due to the natural strength of the Kenaf fibre, the Verde Fibre Board are exceptionally strong, lightweight, flexible, breathable and easy to carry and work with. Typically, the boards are 4.5mm thick and weigh as little as 12kg making it possible for one man to easily handle.