Natural Products for Industrial & Bio-composite applications.

High quality natural fibres, bio-composite master blends, compounds & powders for industrial applications

Products include:

Kenaf long fibres for non-woven matt production 5-7cm (Automotive, Building & other applications)

kenaf fibre for concrete applications - 7-8mm

Kenaf short cut fibres for bio-polymer applications, treated for blending and compatibility - 1-2mm or length as required

Kenaf core chips and fine powders

kenaf core powders for desiccants & oil and chemical spill applications

Oil & Chemical absorbent socks and booms

Bio-Degradable additive for any type of resin or polymer.

Kenaf based Bio-Composite Compounds or Master Blends as per requirements.

Kenaf Fibres

The Verde Kenaf Fibres are high grade fibre grown and extracted through Verde's unique growing & extraction processes that ensure strength, uniformity and quality. Fibres of various lengths can be made suitable for almost every industrial fibre application.

Kenaf Core Chips & Powders

Verde Kenaf core chips and powders are extracted during the kenaf separation process. They are light in colour, free from mold, dirt and other impurities and fresh. Powders and chip can also be sterilised for animal and other health, food or cosmetic related applications.

Bio-composites, Master Blends & Bio-compounds

There Verde and its partners make and create suitable master batch and composite blends on both the kenaf shortcut fibres for strength applications and core powder for filler and thermal products. These materials are being applied in building materials, electronic product casings, car parts and many other areas.

Products We Offer

Kenaf Non-Woven Fibres

High quality, high strength, retted fibres for non-woven matt applications. Fibres can be cut to desired length, typically 5-7cm.

Kenaf Bio-polymer Fibres

Verde uses its own proletary process to pre-treat the kenaf fibre to make them suitable for bio-polymer applications. This process ensures strength and compatibility. Length can be adjusted to suit the required application.

Kenaf Core Powders

Verde's kenaf core powders are highly absorbent and can be used in a multitude of applications. Sizes can vary from 20-400mesh and to micron scale if required.

Kenaf Core Chips

Verde Kenaf core chips are clean and impurity free. They have a use in multiple applications from water filtration, chip board, thermal panel and bedding material. Particle can be tailored for specific applications.

Bio-Compounds & Masterblends.

L Verde powders and fibres shown above can be blended as a compound of master batch for a multitude of applications and with virtually any resin or polymer. Please let us know the bends you may require, and we can tailor this for you. To date we have worked with PP, HDPE, LDPE, PVC, ABS, PS and many others.

Biodegradable Additive for plastics

Verde's partner company has an additive that can make virtually any polymer/resin/plastic fully biodegradable. The additive does not change the characteristics of the plastic, and the product will only bio-degrade once placed in anaerobic conditions such as a land fill or the ocean. The plastic with the additive is also still fully recyclable and the additive can be used in combination with the other Verde products.

Kenaf Fibres for Concrete.

Verde's Kenaf concrete fibres can be cut to desired lengths and are blended into concrete during the mixing process. They are used as reinforcing materials and have in some past uses been used to replace reinforcing mesh in wall floor and ceiling applications. The fibre also assist in reducing the shrink/swell effect and minimise cracking.

Oil & Chemical Spill Absorbents & dessicants

L Verde uses the naturally highly absorbent kenaf care for oil and chemical spill absorbents. The kenaf core also contains naturally occurring microbes that consume hydrocarbons. Due to the buoyancy of the core, it allows the Verde absorbents to float wile sucking up oil spills on water and equally the powders and chips can also be uses on land-based applications.



We provide high-quality products with consistent and reliable delivery schedules to meet the ongoing production needs of our customers.


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