Animal Feed

Verde is a well established producer of renewable and sustainable animal feed made from tropical and sub-tropical forage. Verde’s unique experience base includes:

Selection, growing and harvesting of appropriate forage species.

Interactive marketing and hands on customer support to understand and bring the solutions the customers need.

Animal nutrition requirements and management of dairy, beef and other ruminants, with a focus on high protein, high quality, high yielding feeds.

Efficient processing and supply systems to deliver the feed in timely, cost effective and efficient manner.

Kenaf: High protein, good digestability, high quality feed, suitable for high producing livestock

60 Dry MT pa/HA.

Napier Grass: High productivity, suitable for growing and dry cattle

80 DMT/pa/Ha.

Guinea Grass: Good quality feed

50 DMT pa/Ha

Verde has traditional exports through established distribution channels for feed products.

New customers are welcome to contact us to discuss your needs.

Verde has also sourced other feeds (non-tropical forage) including grains and other feed materials that are available for sale.


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Verde Tech Group Ltd Bonds now live on Euroclear and Bloomberg

29 Nov, 2023


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